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Legal Aid/Protection

Legal Aid: Gives residents a lawyer to represent their basic rights for safely, shelter, food, healthcare and education.

(320) 253-0121  Apply online for Legal Aid’s services!

                A website created by the Minnesoat Legal Services Coalition to present important legal information to Minnesota’s low income population.  Check out their web page dedicated to domestic violence issues here.

Stearns County Law Library: A resource for legal research. A staff attorney is always on hand to help citizens fill out civil court forms, better understand the court process, and explain legal options.

St. Cloud Police Department:  Protects the rights of people in St. Cloud to create a safe environment, and works to improve the quality of life for St. Cloud residents.

(320) 345-4444

Stearns County Attorney’s Office: Protects public safety and the rights of people and businesses by prosecuting criminals, collecting restitution, and providing assistance for victims and witnesses of crime.

(320) 656-3880

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