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Warning signs of abuse

Does your partner:

Call you names, insult and criticize you?

Act jealous and possessive over you?

Go out of his or her way to isolate you from your family and friends?

Monitor your day to day behavior; including where you go and who you spend time with?

Prevent you from working?

Maintain complete control over your finances?

Punish you by treating you cruelly and suppressing affection?

Expect to be in charge of your actions; including making you ask permission to do things?

Threaten to hurt you, your children, family, or pets?

Intentionally humiliate you?

Does your partner:

Believe in rigid gender roles and view all women as objects to control?

Act jealous of your relationships and frequently accuse you of cheating?

Force you to dress in a way that is overly sexual or makes you uncomfortable?

Call you sexually demeaning names?

Force you to have sex, or manipulates you into having sex?

Hold you down during sex, act overly aggressive, or hurt you with weapons during sex?

Demand sex even when you are sick, tired, or after hurting you?

Involve other people in your sexual activities against your will?

Ignore your feelings about sex, and force you to do things his way?

Signs specific to sexual abuse

Do you fear your partner?