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Once you recognize that you are being abused, you can move towards stopping it. When you are ready to seek help or leave your partner, there are a few things to consider:

Know the services available to you:

There are many services available to you that can help you create a safety plan, give you shelter, medicine, and aid you in becoming financially independent. Important services include hospitals, police stations, legal aid, and domestic violence support groups. If you are not a legal citizen, you can still use these services without punishment.

Stopping the Abuse– It’s not hopeless

Call the police:

Domestic violence is against the law! By calling 911, police officers can respond to your emergencies, and escort you and your children safely away from your abuser. They can help you locate a safe place to stay, and even arrest your abuser if they have reason to believe that he or she has hurt or scared you.

When the police come, be sure to ask him or her to complete a report for you about the incident. Ask if you can receive a copy of the report. Be sure to ask for the police officer’s name—write down their badge number if you can. Show the police officer any evidence of abuse such as current injuries, photos of bruises,or threatening notes.

If the police arrest your abuser, find a safe place to stay immediately! He may be released as soon as two hours later, and could come looking for you.