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If you are hesitant to help someone you suspect is being abused, think about what could happened if you don’t say anything. Your friend, co-worker, or family member could be seriously injured, psychologically traumatized, or killed.  The discomfort you may feel intervening with a victim is small compared to the sadness you may feel if you do nothing.

If  you notice any indications of abuse, find an opportunity to talk to your friend in private. Understand this topic is sensitive and emotionally charged for your friend. Let him or her know that you are concerned and care about them as a person. Tell them factually what you have been noticing, but be careful not to make accusations.

Reassure your friend that your conversation will be kept private, and tell him or her that you are available anytime they are ready to talk.

Victims of abuse may be ashamed, confused, depressed, and reluctant to say anything about their abuser. After you have spoken with them, you may need to bring up your concerns to a work supervisor or law enforcement agent.

Here is a more detailed list of professions were employees are mandated reporters.   



If you suspect abuse of any kind– speak up!

Speaking up is especially important for mandated reporters. If you work in health care, social services, child care, education, law enforcement or correctional services, you are most likely obligated to report suspected abuse to your supervisors or law enforcement. Visit the MN Department of Human Services page for more information about what constitutes abuse and how to report it.

Medical personnel and professionals

Dental professionals  

School support staff

Group home staff

Foster parents

Law Enforcement

Mental health professionals




School administrators

Teachers and assistants

Social workers


Childcare center staff

Probation and correctional services

Home childcare providers


                                                                         Hospital Administrators