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Personal Safety Plan

Increase your safety and prepare to protect yourself if you face further abuse. You can’t control your abuser, but you can  control how you respond. Listed below are things to think about to increase your safety.

This safety plan information was taken from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website– a great resource for victims for domestic abuse. For additional information, see their safety planning page.

To increase my safety, I can do some or all of the following:

  1. When talking to my abuser face to face, I can:
  2. When talking to my abuser on the phone, I can:
  3.  I can create a code word for my family, co-workers, or friends, so they know when to call for help. My code word is:
  4. When I feel a  fight beginning, I can move to a place that is low risk for getting hurt;

At work:

At home:

  1. I can tell my family, co-workers, boss, or a friend about my situation. I feel safe telling:
  2. I can use an answering machine or ask my co-workers, friends or family to screen my calls. I do not have to receive harassing phone calls. I can ask:
  3. I can carry change for phone calls with me at all times.  I will have a list of numbers of  the people I can call for help or support if necessary. I can ask them to call the police if they see my abuser bothering me.







  1. When leaving work I can:
  2. If problems occur when I am walking, riding or driving with my abuser,  I can:
  3. I can attend a support group for women who have been abused. Support groups are held at:
  4. I need to know the following telephone numbers:

Police/Sheriff’s Department:

Probation Officer:

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program:


Clergy Person: